Mairangi Bay Laundrette

10/56 Apollo Drive, Mairaingi Bay, Auckland – Open 7 days a week 5:00AM–1:00AM


We hope you and your loved ones keep safe and well over the coming period, but rest assured we are still open throughout the period to make sure you can always have clean, hygienic and safe laundry. Clean laundry has always been important, but even more so in the current climate.

We have always kept our laundromat clean and well maintained, but during this period we are adding additional cleaning regimes to keep you safe, including sanitising of all surfaces, handles, lids etc multiple times daily.

Some facts yoou might find interesting:

  1. COVID-19 (in fact, all viruses and bacteria) cannot handle heat, so use the dryer. A 30 minute drying cycle at the highest temperature (87 degrees) of our drying machines is enough to completely kill the virus.
  2. Make sure you follow the washing instructions on your items. Wherever possible, use the hottest water setting and make sure all items are fully dried at the highest possible temperature for your items.
  3. There is no problem washing your clothes and other people’s clothes in the same wash. There is no risk of cross-contamination even if some of the clothes do carry the infection before they are washed and dried.
  4. Although it’s tempting to add more soap than required, make sure you only use normal amounts. Too much soap can actually creates excess foam which will trap dirt and grime inside the fabric.
  5. Bring a second basket or bag with you to put your freshly laundered clothes into to prevent cross-contamination. Even a fresh rubbish bag (which you can of course re-use for its original purpose afterwards!) will help keep your clothes fresh.